Will Contests Estate Litigation

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From our past experience, we can tell you that the best way to litigate an estate is to avoid it. Nobody wants to see hard earned estate assets lost in litigation fees. The best way to prevent such a mishap is by appointing a trusted, responsible, and reliable person as executor in your will.

Even still, you can create the best laid plans and still face legal issues requiring litigation. When you are in this situation, it is important that you call on a legal team you can trust to handle the situation efficiently and effectively. No other New York firm has had more success litigating estates than The Law Offices of Jason W. Stern & Associates. Our Queens estate firm is one of only a handful of estate litigation firms in New York who have successfully challenged valid attorney drafted and witnessed wills. Our offices have recovered tens of millions of dollars of estate assets for unfortunate beneficiaries who have been defrauded by greedy family members and fiduciaries.

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When our firm takes on NY estate litigation we become committed to fully representing our clients until their desired outcome is reached.  NY estate litigation often demands years of grinding away at the facts with exorbitant resources.  However our firm is sensitive to the needs of our clients and we customarily work with them on a contingency basis making our wealth of estate litigation experience available to everyone.

As some of the most experienced estate litigators in New York, we go to great lengths to ensure our expertly drafted and executed wills are impenetrable and able to insulate your estate from unwanted will contests. Our wills are designed to withstand the judicial scrutiny, which accompanies any type of estate litigation.

On the other hand, that same experience drafting wills is what makes us the best will contest attorneys in New York. Often our firm is asked to handle these challenging cases by other estate firms who are less equipped to handle them. At the Law Offices of Jason W. Stern & Associates, we pride ourselves in successfully handling these difficult cases when no other firm will. If you feel that a loved one was taken advantage of by a dishonest executor or that their will was the product of undue influence, please contact our New York attorneys today to discuss this matter.